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14 01 2009

Just realized that I was tagged by sentinel in his post about desk tag. Basically what the tagged person has to do is tell something about what his or hers desk at the office like.
Well, there’s nothing fancy on my desk (it’s called cubicle here and soon if you know the exact meaning of it, you’ll know why you will most likely be sleepy anywhere near it)…really messy even though I just got a new PC. Quad Core, 4 Ghz of RAM, Vista, Dual monitor 19 inch (although I only use one :P).
Neat one ain’t it. Once the project is done and let just see who gets this power house!

desktop left

desktop left

desktop right

desktop right

For me to be able to work, not much actually:

  • a pc powerful enough to do my work (along with the softwares) and a working internet connection
  • my cell phones & wallet

That’s pretty much it for me to be REALLY able to work properly 😛

On the left is where all the “junk” are piled.
Those plastic bags are not junk, that’s one way of saving the earth by re-using the plastic bags 😉
That’s my old cell phone an old Nokia 2100, fell numerous times but still working fine although the casing is literally broken into pieces (my other cell is being used to take the pics and have taken lots of pics for other posts in the blog). I’m using Next to it there’s my daily morning hot chocolate milk with a teaspoon of coffee with some Oreo to be twisted-licked-dunked!
And there’s a can of Coke there the one I stashed from happy hour to be drunk on holidays 😀

Nothing interesting on my desk though…except sometimes I hide my snack somewhere right under the place where I put my hat 😛 *if I happen to have any*

I’ll tag:

That’s all for now I suppose…not much to tell about my desk, isn’t there?




13 responses

14 01 2009

nice desk, sha…
I’ve ever had very full of stuff on my desk, but I’m afraid I make me not focus on my task. So, I just make my desk as simple as I can, and reduce any stuff.
I just have 2 of glasses, one for mineral water, and another for coffee or tea.
Also, I stamp any note on my CPU/Monitor, for any pending tasks….

I agree, characteristic of the person can be shown on how her desktop is…

14 01 2009

You should write about it on your blog Bar…
Looking forward to see your desk :LOL:

15 01 2009

Euu your desk are not ECO friendly.. 2 monitors.. outrageous 😀

15 01 2009

So does your desk…
I only use one and you use 2…which one is ECO-friendlier? 😀

15 01 2009

wow, you’ve done this homework *applause*
i have 2 monitors to, not left and right but up and down :p

15 01 2009

Planning on stealing one eh? *chuckle*

16 01 2009
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19 01 2009

i know you have a lot of food on your desk… xixixi… why you didn’t show it? :p

anyway, nice work sha… (good boy, you’ve done your homework :D)

19 01 2009

I am indeed a good boy 😀
I know there’s food on your desk as well at times…don’t forget to share it though *lol*

18 02 2009

Belom pernah pada liat desk gw kannnn ? wkwkwkw….

eh bentar lagi berubah jadi ungu tuh kan ya ? 😀

18 02 2009

omigot… 2 monitors! you’re not a human!! you’re a computer slave!! :p

21 02 2009

On the contrary…
They (the computers) are my slave….*or at least that’s how I think of it…. -__-*

13 04 2009
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