May Day

1 05 2009

This post has nothing to do with May Day actually.

Thought I just write something since I haven’t update the post for months and right now I don’t have much to do. (let’s keep the latter secret okay ;))

Have been quite busy doing my work lately but the interesting part was a holiday to Singapore on long weekend from 9-12 April with some friends from the office.
It was free tickets for round trip (Air Asia just opened the route from Bali to Singapore so there was a free seat promo), we only paid for the taxes so there were lots of colleagues going there as well.

Met my school and college friends who now worked and lived there. But the most interesting part would be eating and walking around the city (and nation)!
By impulse, tried 3 different egg tarts from 3 different booth (One in Bugis, one in Chinatown, and the last one in Vivo City) on my way around probably just to compare the taste with my home made egg tarts. It was all good though =P~

The other objective I had was to visit McDonalds there, why you asked?

Simply to eat the apple pie since McDonalds in Indonesia don’t sell apple pies 😦

I also tried the famous Bathura on Komala Vilas restaurant located on Serangoon Rd on Little India which was recommended by a friend who had stopped by to eat there before we came to Singapore.

As for the spots to visit, there’s a lot of them but the popular ones would be Sentosa Island.
The must see there is the Song of The Sea, the show is a combination of drama, laser play using water screen, pyrotechnics. It’s a must see and the show is always packed with visitors.
There are other interesting attractions on the island as well that you can try from segway, luge and sky ride, tiger sky tower, 4d magix, merlion walk, and eco ride which is segway ride.

I also had the chance to stop by at Clarke Quay, not for clubbing or eating but just for a stroll.
It was already 1 a.m so I had to take a taxi to get there.
The view at night were great there with the lights on the river side and the bridge changing colors every minute. Great place to sit around and spending time whether it’s on the bridge or on the river side.
Anyway, I saw a drunk girl puking on sideways luckily she had her friends around *I never did saw someone in real life puking from getting drunk* =P

Finally got back to the hostel at 3:30 am and I must be awake at 6:30 am to catch the 9:55 am flight.
As expected, I finally slept on the flight back to Bali πŸ˜€

As for the conclusion for this post, it’s good to have a holiday for once from your daily life once you feel it started to get boring, especially with the low-fare airlines around.
Watch out for the promos from those airlines and start picking up your destinations for a getaway πŸ˜€

For now, I’ll be planning on something for next getaway while facing the work ahead of me….




5 responses

4 05 2009


i wanna go there too… 😦

4 05 2009

om, ada yg nganggur tuh kayanya *evil grin*

4 05 2009

@sentinel: watch out for next promo from A.A. There’ll be another promo *not free seat but promo price* and booking will open tomorrow!! Get your cc ready πŸ˜€

@tamago:who? o:-)

4 05 2009

Iya nih lagi bikin Passport πŸ˜›

Charuru nganggur? ga mungkin..

Leees kapan kita bisa biking neeeh… cepetan beli gowes2nyaaa
(dan jangan beli motor.. charuru ngebut wakakak)

4 05 2009

wkwkwk, di beli dulu tiketnya kalo gt πŸ˜€
Iya, mana mungkin sih gw nganggur… si ajep ada2 aja ah :-”

Blm ada konfirmasi resmi disuruh pindah sih, jadi tunggu aja deh kapan belinya…pada mahal2 sih sepedanya :((

Gw kan orgnya go green, jadi ampir ga mungkin beli motor lar πŸ˜€

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