[TAG] I am awesome

29 07 2009

I was tagged by Eru more than a month ago in his post where I am supposed to tell the whole world about 7 awesome side of me πŸ™‚ *I didn’t ask for it, trust me!*

The rules are:

  1. Write down 7 awesome side of you
  2. Tag other people to share their awesomeness

As I am trying to be as objective as I can to write this post so I’ve asked friends to tell me more about it.

YS-laughbag and coffee addict: U are a genuine nice hearted guy
YS-laughbag and coffee addict: Basically u already nice inside
YS-laughbag and coffee addict: U r good with secrets
YS-laughbag and coffee addict: Mature and wise
YS-laughbag and coffee addict: Patient

That’s 5 already from a friend on a chat, not that hard eh? πŸ˜›Β and next…

BunnieFaerie: Humoris, jago masak, man most wanted
BunnieFaerie: 3 cukup kan
Me: cukup2 aja kok :))
BunnieFaerie: Wkwkkwwk
Me: man most wanted?!
BunnieFaerie: Dah 3 itu
Me: yakin ga lebay tu? ;))
BunnieFaerie: Ga koq
BunnieFaerie: Dah masukin
BunnieFaerie: Kan pendapat g kan
Me: oke2
BunnieFaerie: Gmn seh
Me: iya2 sabar bu
BunnieFaerie: Pendapat lo apa pendapat g neh
BunnieFaerie:Β  =))
Me: pendapat lo sih :”>

Hmm, why do I get the feeling I am a criminal all of a sudden from the chat. I really can’t cook anything without recipe really, so it’s a bit too much from my opinion but I do enjoy baking things πŸ™‚ That’s another 3 which makes it 8.

In addition to what people say about me, I do notice that I am sharp with words and for some it may be a little offensive although what I speak of is the truth. But hey, that is me, I am not trying to hide anything and stab people in the back later on. What I speak, I speak of the truth and truth does hurt sometimes so please just bear with me friends if I do say something that offended you. Because you are a friend, I dare to speak the truth even if it’s hurt πŸ™‚

One job done, others to be tagged are:

That’s all, do it right and get it done people. Tell the world how awesome you are!




9 responses

29 07 2009

BunnieFaerie: Humoris, jago masak, man most wanted

Why do I feel there’s something wrong with the sentence above? the sequence, the nickname or something… hmmmm πŸ˜€

Ah, yeah.. we’re similar on the honest part; but u’r wording are harsher sometimes, specially the miss-coordinated timing on complaints bwakakakak πŸ˜€

Spread the awesomeness!

29 07 2009

not me, blame it on the person wrote that it’s in my chat log though as hard evidence πŸ˜€

FYI, nicknames above have been altered not to reflect the identity of the person πŸ™‚

If what I said is not at the right time, it means a joke so…. laugh!! πŸ˜€

29 07 2009

ah Sasha bikin peer kaya gini? bener2 awesome deh πŸ˜€

29 07 2009

just happens to be having spare time to do the tag πŸ™‚
what’s wrong with doing this kind of “homework” like this anyway? πŸ˜•

29 07 2009

I’m awesome because I’m definitely awesome, so genuinely awesome, pretty awesome, absolutely awesome, true awesome, simply awesome, and because I’m actually awesome.

Homework done!

29 07 2009

arghhhh….you supposed to be doing it in your own blog.
Not in mine 😐
but yeah, you are awesome, just like everyone else, well… almost everyone πŸ™‚

29 07 2009

huahaha, there are too much awesomeness to tell… :p

when everyone awesome then you are nothing awesome….

*should be a wise word.

29 07 2009

Everyone has their own awesomeness no matter how awesome other people may be πŸ™‚

30 08 2009

Hmm, daku di tag. tapi koq nge-tag’nya di blog yang lama ya… yuk yuk di update hehe. Ntar baru ikutan isi tag’nya deh hehe

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