September and October 2009 in Bali

12 09 2009

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Few things have changed, work location (from Kuta to Suwung, just before Sanur), bike to work whenever I can, and had my office pc downgraded recently 😥

Anyway, it’s now September and there will be lots of upcoming events here in Bali and it’s gonna be holiday season pretty much until the beginning of next year. There are 2 events has already passed last month, Legian Beach Festival and Sanur Village Festival. Both were a success just like their previous years.

This September, a well-known event to people residing in Bali and Bali’s frequent visitors is Bali’s 7th Kuta Karnival on 19th-27th September. The 6th was previously held on October last year. My favourite part in the event, which is The Food Festival, will be held from 25th-27th September, in the last 3 days of Kuta Karnival. I’ve wrote last year’s food fest part here.

Up next is Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF), from 7th-11th October 2009 the event will bring writers and readers from all around the world. There will be a lot of talks, discussions, and workshops all around Ubud. You can check out their complete programs on their website.

Still on October, in conjuction with UWRF, the next event is Balinale 2009 International Film Festival. This event will highlights international and national movies. An event not to be missed by movie goers or film lovers. There are also workshops will be held in this events. Check out the details on the website.

In addition to Ubud’s going to be more and already vibrant town, it’s in the news that Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt will be shooting Eat, Pray, and Love all around Bali and mostly in Ubud in October as well.

Those events are gonna be awesome events and start planning your holiday now!!




11 responses

12 09 2009

Miss Bali so much……………
Wish I can go there joined with you all

20 09 2009

welcome back to cyber world cahyo! Long time no see/hear 🙂
Baek2 aja? Visit us again soon when u can ya 😀

14 09 2009

Wow, that’s a lot of even there… can’t wait to have my own ride 😀

Get well soon and join us here bro 😛

20 09 2009

@Eru:additional motor ride is always welcome 😀

17 09 2009

weh ada cahyo… Bali’ers miss you yo… can’t wait to meet you again… 😀

les, ayo konvoi ke acara2 itu, lu pake sepeda aja ya? 😉

20 09 2009

on bicycle? gimana kalo tukeran aja, lu ama tika naek sepeda gw sama sepeda erwin & gw naek motor lu 😀

7 10 2009

How is the situation in Bali these days? is it safe/alright to visit sometime during the first week of November?

8 10 2009

Bali is packed as usual. Lebaran holiday that just passed last September proved it 🙂
As for safety, no where in this world is 100% safe, but the officials here always put on their best effort to keep the tourists safe and sound.

14 10 2009

Hi.. i would like to ask bout bali condition now…

issit safe for holiday.. i bought ticket to bali de..will arrive bali 22/10/2009. But now wondering wanna go or not since recently sumatra affected by earthquake…

can u please advise??

20 10 2009

There are lots of quake recently on western part of Indonesia, especially the one that hit West Sumatra really hard because of the tectonic plate movement. In Central and Eastern part of Indonesia is relatively calm though. There was one that shook Bali last month but right now it’s relatively safe.
I can’t tell that there won’t be any quakes in Bali or anywhere in the world, but stay calm and always be prepared in any condition is the best thing to do when facing natural disasters.
fyi, the weather here has been sunny the last few days so you’ll be able to enjoy the beaches 🙂

12 10 2010

bali oh bali..

nice posting ..

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