Chevron’s Energyville (Save the world)

3 08 2008

Chevron, a big player in energy industries, mainly Oil and Gas is presenting a game called “Energyville“, an energy game developed by The Economist Group. In the game you will be presented with a problem to provide energy supply from various energy resources for your city.

Not only you have to fulfill the energy needs of your city, you will also need to consider to minimize the economic, environmental, and security impact from the energy sources you choose.

It’s a great game to learn how each non-renewable and renewable energy sources impact on a city and the world globally. For example, choosing Biomass as a future source of energy will not necessarily have a positive impact on the world, it may expose food scarcity, and the carbon footprints to convert crops into energy is not necessarily lower than Fossil fuels. At some point, it is even higher.

The main objective of this game is to learn how we, as individuals, aware of what kind of energy should we choose to fulfil the increasing demand of energy in the future and to minimize their impact to the world.

You can also join in discussion on how to finding a balance to all of the potential threat caused by those energies and may propose your own idea on how to solve the energy issues facing the world right now and the time to come in the forum.

p.s: My score was 639,810,545 and ranked 94517 out of 225897 (at the time I played). The comparison score was 623,362,179.

  • Economic final impact: Med (On the Med line).
  • Environmental final impact: Med (Between Med & Low).
  • Security final impact: Med (a little bit above Low).

Choose the right energy, save the world!