7 05 2009

Death is what separate us between this world and the world after life (heaven, hell, nirvana, you name it).
It will usually leave us with mixed emotions from glad to sadness.
I’ve also lost someone I loved years ago and will always be hard to face another lost, no matter how many times we’ve lost someone we loved.

Everything in this world have its life cycle.
Death is our last life cycle as human in this world and what lies afterward, not a single person in the world know what awaits.

Should death frightens us? It’s a question to be answer by each individual’s faith & beliefs.
This quote from I Corinthians 15:55-57 should answer how do I see death:

55.”Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?” 56.The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57.But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

As for facing the death of our loved ones, hope the following will give strength to anyone who just lost their loved ones.

Be strong for yourself and your family for the departed has moved on to a better place than this world.
For the departed has lived his/her part in this world including facing the deaths of families, friends, relatives before him/her and it is now our turn to face the passing of our loved one from this world to another and also to keep moving on with our life until death came upon us.
Let cry be our last expression of love for the departed.
In the end let us smile, for the departed is now smiling upon us from wherever he/she now may be.
As we move on, let the departed keep on smiling by the way we live our life to the fullest ’til the day we are united once more for eternity.


I wrote this post dedicated to my friends, family, relatives who have lost, are losing, and probably going to lose someone dear to them.
My deepest condolences and God be with you all.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009

6 01 2009

December was my longest holiday this year. Out of 20 working days (public holidays not included), I only worked like less than 8 days. I took my leave from 9-19 Dec. Back to Bali just to work for another 3 days (22-24 Dec) and got back to Jakarta again on 24th afternoon. Collective leave for Christmas and New Year from 26 until 2nd January was too good to be spent in Bali as Bali was totally crowded with tourists from Christmas until New Year.

For my first leave from 9-19 Dec, had to go back to Jakarta because of my cousin’s wedding and had to be best man for him. But after the wedding, me and my relatives went for a tour de Java on chartered bus. The route taken was Bekasi – Tasikmalaya – Magelang (Borobudur) – Yogyakarta – Solo (Surakarta) – Mount Bromo – Malang – Surabaya – Tuban – Semarang – Cirebon – Bekasi in just 5 days and the only day we all slept in a hotel was in Surabaya…totally ass-torturing trip O.o
But it was worth the journey…

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International Blog About Boobs Week

27 10 2008

Not sure who created this, not sure if it’s true or not, don’t know if THAT week has passed or not, not even sure who started this thing, but please feel free to track ’em down from the blog who tagged me. That’s the little pinguin’s blog named Sentinel.

What’s this boobs thing all about? If I’m not mistaken, I need to tell a tale about anything that’s related to boobs. Well, I’m always curious about why those thing aroused most men in the world (myself included). For those of you who don’t know what that thing is, it’s called “Glandula Mamae” in latin, and the description is as follows as I quote them from wikipedia:

The breast is the upper ventral region of an animal’s torso, particularly that of mammals, including human beings. The breasts of a female primate’s body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infant.

Other than speaking about the sexual related issue about boobs, I prefer to talk about its milk. We all have heard about how breast milk can be more nutritious than formula milk. You can google it if you want as I am not going to copy-paste them in here but I’ll tell the tale from what I’ve read.

One of the important substances contain in milk is colostrum, which secreted in few first days after a woman gave birth to a baby (or two, or three, or whatever number of babies she delivers). It protects the baby from various infections by giving antibodies to the newly born babies. Another benefits are it contains just the right formula for the baby’s delicate digestive system, has the right nutrients for baby to quickly gain weight, has more variety in nutrition than formulated milk, and the list goes on…

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