September and October 2009 in Bali

12 09 2009

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Few things have changed, work location (from Kuta to Suwung, just before Sanur), bike to work whenever I can, and had my office pc downgraded recently 😥

Anyway, it’s now September and there will be lots of upcoming events here in Bali and it’s gonna be holiday season pretty much until the beginning of next year. There are 2 events has already passed last month, Legian Beach Festival and Sanur Village Festival. Both were a success just like their previous years.

This September, a well-known event to people residing in Bali and Bali’s frequent visitors is Bali’s 7th Kuta Karnival on 19th-27th September. The 6th was previously held on October last year. My favourite part in the event, which is The Food Festival, will be held from 25th-27th September, in the last 3 days of Kuta Karnival. I’ve wrote last year’s food fest part here.

Up next is Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF), from 7th-11th October 2009 the event will bring writers and readers from all around the world. There will be a lot of talks, discussions, and workshops all around Ubud. You can check out their complete programs on their website.

Still on October, in conjuction with UWRF, the next event is Balinale 2009 International Film Festival. This event will highlights international and national movies. An event not to be missed by movie goers or film lovers. There are also workshops will be held in this events. Check out the details on the website.

In addition to Ubud’s going to be more and already vibrant town, it’s in the news that Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt will be shooting Eat, Pray, and Love all around Bali and mostly in Ubud in October as well.

Those events are gonna be awesome events and start planning your holiday now!!


October’s Last Saturday’s Trip

9 11 2008

On Saturday the 25th, I had a friend took me to try this so called fish rice. So, I rented a motorcycle (I don’t have any driving license though, but don’t tell the police about it yeah?) and meet up with him at McDonald’s on Jimbaran. So after driving passed through Extreme Toys and just right next to a gas station on the way heading to Nusa Dua, we stopped at this warung called “Sari Mertha”. There wasn’t anything stand out from this warung, you might just passed it without knowing it was there. So, we had this rice with slices of mini eggplant, steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf, bakwan jagung (indonesian corn fritters), pieces of fish meat, and 2 sticks of fish satay accompanied with fish soup. I’ve to say the soup, rice, and satay in overall was great. Not many people know about this place, most of the visitors are local Balinese.

Fish Rice Set

Fish Rice Set

Fish Rice Set

Fish Rice

After our tummy felt pretty good, knew it by some burping and belching, we headed to Padang-Padang beach. It’s located down the south from Dreamland beach. It’s still pretty secluded and not as commercial as Dreamland (yet). It wasn’t to wavy that day and met 2 surfers who left the beach because the waves weren’t too good. Padang-Padang beach is usually one of the surfer’s beach, just like Dreamland. To reach the beach from the street, we have to walk down the stairways between 2 cliffs because the beach is surrounded by cliffs.

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